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Art for Service. Art with a purpose...

The Essence of AfterTaste...

We love it, we get inspired by it, bewildered by it, sometimes we overlook it and then sometimes we fight it. Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life, Picasso said so.

AfterTaste was born from the desire to use art to do service. So while you take a piece of art home and experience it over a period of time we know you will smile to yourself and be happy with the piece of beauty that you own. Hold on, that smile and that joy does not really end there, we help you extend it when you buy at AfterTaste.

Each product that you own has been specially hand crafted by women who could not fulfill their own dreams due to circumstance but now dream for a better life for their families. These women now earn their livelihood in a dignified way through the proceeds of the sales at AfterTaste.

That's how you enjoy the lingering aftertaste.