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Art for Service. Art with a purpose...

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Handmade Gift Bags
Hand-crafted & hand-drawn envelopes
Hand-drawn re-printed and laminated placemats

Product Catalogue

Deep in the sprawling slums of Ambuzwadi in Mumbai, four women are writing their own story. They have broken the mould by dreaming of a better life for their children, by dreaming of tearing through a seemingly never-ending cycle of existential struggle. Every product sold at AfterTaste has been meticulously handcrafted by these change agents. Every product sold at AfterTaste is a representation of those dreams and aspirations. A representation of that change.

Enjoy the lingering AfterTaste of being a part of their journey.

Order Form: http://bit.ly/11pjmjG

Product:: Hand-crafted Lamps

Other products...

Hand-crafted & hand-drawn folders
Hand-drawn re-printed cards
Hand-drawn photo-frames