Premium Handmade Gifts Under ₹500

Discover Aftertaste’s exquisite, affordable handmade gifts, all under ₹500, curated for a thoughtful gifting experience.

All heros_Felt book cover
Felt book cover | ₹350

We present to you plush, handmade reusable felt book covers in a variety of beautiful color options, with some adorable superhero’s and more designs are available in a few colors. These come with notebooks and can be personalized with a hand-embroidered name of your choice. These book covers are reusable and washable.​

Dog Keychains

Felt keychains | ₹80

Carry your home or office keys with style, with our durable, washable, handmade felt keychains. Available in a variety of animal themes and colors. You may also use them as a bag charm !!!
Take your pick from the collection of Owl!


Felt Pouch | ₹200

Carry your utilities in style with our handmade utility pouches. Perfect for knickknacks, birthday returns, or other small items, these pouches add a touch of elegance to your everyday essentials.
A stylish yet functional accessory. ​

Handstitched Folders - 1

Folder | ₹300

Make a lasting impression with everything you need to be organized in a practical and as well as eco-friendly manner using our handmade upcycled cloth folder.

Lotus_handpainted penstand
Foldable Penstand | ₹200

Make your workspace aesthetic and functional with our handcrafted and hand-painted pen stands, to hold all your stationery in one place. Available in multiple designs and colors, these are foldable and easy to ship out as gifts.


  Cloth notebook_Gometric_Orange_flat

Cloth Notebook | ₹200

We make your gifts not just premium but also premium with our new collection of upcycled cloth-covered notebooks, with a lock meticulously handcrafted by the artisans of Aftertaste. Available in an assortment of prints and colors..

Bookmark | ₹125 (Set of 5)



Magnetic Frames | ₹200

Capture all your favorite memories, of birthdays, anniversaries, trips, farewells, and all other 
events, with our gorgeous handpainted magnetic upcycled photo frames. You could put these beautiful, colorful frames on any metallic surface, like a refrigerator or steel almirah, and keep your loved ones and memories close always.


Felt Frames | ₹250

Enhance your décor with our felt photo frame by Aftertaste artisans. Handcrafted for a touch of elegance, it not only displays memories beautifully but also supports dignified livelihoods. Make a stylish statement while contributing to ethical craftsmanship. Choose more than a frame; choose a connection to art and sustainable living.​

Buter fly Danglers02

Danglers | ₹200

Decorate your doors and thresholds with our unique Bird danglers that are aesthetically pleasing and bring a sense of joy to your space, made with upcycled paper. Handmade with love.


Apron | ₹400

This cooking season, as you cook a special meal, sport these aprons and season everything with love. These come with an adjustable neck strap and the messages have been meticulously handpainted by the artisans of Aftertaste.

Butterfly_Felt Utility Pouch_Light_Yellow

Utility Pouch | ₹150

Carry your utilities in style with our handmade utility pouches! can be used to carry knickknacks, birthday returns, and other small items.


Cloth Pouch | ₹175

Pouches are one of the most multi-utilitarian products. They can be used by everyone to store anything they wish to: right from stationery, to toiletries, to Knick knacks, to accessories to essentials. These can be very useful for keeping things organized inside large tote bags. And when teamed with a stuffed felt charm – it becomes a thing to flaunt!