Our Journey

Partnership with Avanti
Partnership with Avanti

Born in 2014 February under the Aegis of Avanti Foundation after a pilot run of 1 year. 

First Exhibition
First Echibition

The first exhibition at Axis Bank Foundation reaffirming our belief that change is possible, one step at a time.

The first office
First Office

Shift from the temporary structure to a permanent space and team Expansion to 15 more families.

corporate partnerships

Secured 100+ corporate partnerships, marking a milestone in our mission to create meaningful social impact through extensive collaboration

New Skill Development
new skill development

Addition of new skill of stitching with the manufacturing of cloth tote bags for Mahindra Sustain 

New skills of crafting products
Dignified Livelihood

Acquisition of new skills of crafting products in Felt in 2018

Expansion to New Community
Expansion to New Community

Expansion to a new community of Irani Wadi and increased outreach to 15 more families.


Complete Financial Inclusion of Team

Financial inclusion of all the members of Aftertaste

Partnership with Tribes for Good

Partnered with Tribes for Goods for holistic development of our women and families.

Largest Corporate order

Largest Corporate order of Rs 10,00,000 received from Fast and Up. 

Extending Aftertaste to Next Genration
Extending aftetaste to NexGen

Extending our work to include the next generation of Aftertaste through tutoring, career counselling, mentoring, community awareness and development projects.

Complete Vaccination
Complete Vaccination

Navigated the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by prioritizing community health, implementing safety measures, and ensuring the vaccination of 50 families, thereby sustaining its operations during a critical time.

Next gen in the organogram of Aftertaste in the roles
Next gen in the organogram of Aftertaste in the roles

Inclusion of the next gen in the organogram of Aftertaste in the roles of Accounts and Admin associate and Techonlogy associate

Partnership with SVP
Partnership with SVP

Selected as a grantee by SVP India

Launch website
Website launch

Launch of our ecommerce website

April 2023
Artisans selected as Capability building

Selected as Capability building partners for skill development for special adults and visually impaired women by Tata Power

500+ Exhibitions in 2023

Marked a significant milestone by participating in 500+ exhibitions, effectively showcasing our mission to diverse audiences.

ISI Certified

Acquisition of the ISI license for manufacturing the HOP bear for Tata Trent.

Jan 2024
Team Growth

Team growth and expansion to 60 families.

The Journey Continues