Embrace the Maker Within: Beat the summer heat with DIY Delights
  • Art and Craft for Kids and Adult
  • Age: No Bar
  • DIY Activity Kit, Birthday Return Gift.

Material provided in the kit.
(Pencil, Eraser, Stencil, Thread, Fevicol, Scissor and Paper)

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Instructions for DIY – Butterfly Danglers

Step 1:   Fold the strips of coloured handmade paper along the length.

Step 2: Use the Stencil and draw the Shape: Fold the paper into half. Use a stencil to draw the shape along the folded side.

Step 3:  Cut the Shape: Using scissors, carefully cut along the outline of the shape. Do not cut the fold.

Step 4:  Paste the Shape onto the Thread: Apply fevicol along the center line of the butterfly. Take the thread and place it on the line of fevicol. Paste the second butterfly in the same position on top of the first one to conceal the thread. Repeat the step, ensuring each pair of butterflies is pasted at equal intervals. Keep space at the end of the thread to tie paper grass.

Step 5:  Cut and Make Paper Grass: Fold the bunch of paper grass into half and tie to the bottom of the strand.

Step 6:  Attach the Dangler: Finally, attach the completed dangler to end of the curtain rod of the door or window or any hook.

Your sustainable decor is ready!!!