Thoughtful and Unique Handmade Gifts for Boyfriend

Discover handmade gifts for your boyfriend at Aftertaste. Our collection is creative, sustainable, and functional. Each piece is a unique work of art that will make your boyfriend feel special.


Magnetic Photoframe | ₹200

Capture all your favorite memories, of birthdays, anniversaries, trips, farewells, and all other events, with our gorgeous hand painted magnetic upcycled photo frames. You could put these beautiful, colorful frames on any metallic surface, like a refrigerator or steel almirah, and keep
your loved ones and memories close always.

Foldable box_Dark_Red_Up

Foldable box | ₹250

Pack and gift all of your Occasion goodies with love and good cheer in these handmade Foldable Boxes.


Travel Pouch | ₹250

Navigate the journey of love with a sustainable and stylish accessory made from upcycled waste fabric. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each pouch is a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics. Choose conscious travel with a purpose – support sustainability, empower artisans, and make a statement with our versatile and eco-friendly Fancy Travel Pouch.

Wine Bag | ₹75

Carrying a bottle of wine for your special one and wondering how to gift it? We have you sorted. Carry them in our handcrafted wine bags which are sure to make your friend smile. Say cheers !!!
The bow is available in an assortment of prints and colors.


Unisex Bag | ₹900

Unisex bags, crafted by skilled artisans, combine style and purpose, promoting inclusivity and quality craftsmanship. These bags make excellent gifts for appreciation and accolades

Blue_Pack of Love_Owl

Pack of Love | ₹500

Express your love with warmth by purchasing our gorgeous gift set comprising of a Green Elephant hand-painted notebook, a magnetic Photoframe, gift cards, and a hand-painted mask. These are sure to spread love, joy, and the lingering Aftertaste.


GYM Bag | ₹750

For your loved one, who is obsessed with fitness, and uses multiple items to store their gym wear and bottle? The inconvenience stops here! Introducing our beautiful gym bag, which embraces the increasing focus on health and fitness, durability, and looks gorgeous.

Light Purple and Orange_Sutainable Giftset

Sustainable Giftset | ₹400

Get a matching gift set of hand-painted magnetic photo frames and journals that are available in 5 unique designs, just right to match the personality of your special one.


Handpainted Journals | ₹300

Express your love for each other artistically with our best-selling hand-painted notebooks, made with meticulous love by the women of aftertaste! check out our range of gorgeous designs available in an assortment of colors.

Felt happy | ₹600

Bring magic & playfulness to your relationship with our Plush, a handmade Reusable felt book that Covers the all-time Favourite character, Unicorn. These gorgeous Notebook covers come with a Notebook and Felt pouch.