Aftertaste's Handmade Bags for a Handsfree Experience

At Aftertaste, we offer handmade bags that are both functional and fashionable. Our collection provides a hands-free experience and adds elegance to your daily routine. Discover how our bags can elevate your essentials.

Dandelion Daydream_Tote_bag_Aftertaste
Tote Bag | ₹350

Want a bag for a quick grocery run, or to head out for an evening stroll or a casual outing with your friends? our handmade cloth bags, in their endearing colors and designs, are the right pick for you!


Unisex Bag | ₹900

Unisex bags, crafted by skilled artisans, combine style and purpose, promoting inclusivity and quality craftsmanship. These bags make excellent gifts for appreciation and accolades.



GYM Bags | ₹750

Obsessed with fitness, and looking for a bag to store your gym wear and bottle? Your search stops here! Introducing our beautiful gym bag, which embraces the increasing focus on health and fitness, durability, and looks gorgeous.


Pouches | ₹175

Pouches are one of the most multi-utilitarian products. They can be used by everyone to store anything they wish to: right from stationery, to toiletries, to Knick knacks, to accessories to essentials.
These can be very useful for keeping things organized inside large tote bags. And when teamed with a stuffed felt charm – it becomes a thing to flaunt!

Travel Pouch

Travel Pouches | ₹300

Navigate the journey of love with a sustainable and stylish accessory made from upcycled waste fabric. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, each pouch is a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics. Choose conscious travel with a purpose – support sustainability, empower artisans, and make a statement with our versatile and eco-friendly Fancy Travel Pouch.

Creeper_Felt Utility Pouch_Royal_blue

Felt Pouches | ₹150

Carry your utilities in style with our handmade utility pouches! can be used to carry knickknacks, birthday returns, and other small items.


Gift Bag | ₹75

Add a personal touch to your gifts. These bags handcrafted by the artisans of Aftertaste can make perfect goodie bags. Gift bags with a bow. The bow is available in an assortment of prints and colors.


Wine Bag | ₹75

Carrying a bottle of wine to the party and wondering how to gift it? We have you sorted. Carry them in our handcrafted wine bags which are sure to make your friend smile.
Say cheers !!!