Handcrafted Room Decoration by Aftertaste

Upgrade your room with our items, from planters to dreamcatchers, which are meticulously made to add charm to your space. Discover how they can transform your living area into a serene sanctuary.

Blue and White_Texture_Planter
Planter | ₹300

In the ever-increasing pollution and bustle of city life, the gardens in our homes are the source of clean air and good health. Keep your surroundings green in our lean planters,
created with macrame, and handcrafted with love.

Magnetic Photoframe | ₹200

Capture all your favorite memories, of birthdays, anniversaries, trips, farewells, and all other events, with our gorgeous hand painted magnetic upcycled photo frames. You could put these beautiful, colorful frames on any metallic surface, like a refrigerator or steel almirah, and keep
your loved ones and memories close always.


Dreamcatcher | ₹150

Aftertaste artisans’ hands intricately weave dreams, Each thread a whisper of hope, each bead a story untold, Handmade dreamcatcher, a timeless symbol of artistry and magic for your room.

Bird danglers

Danglers | ₹200

Decorate your doors and thresholds with our unique Bird danglers that are aesthetically pleasing and bring a sense of joy to your space, made with upcycled paper. Handmade with love.


Tray | ₹600

Serve to impress with our original, handpainted, boxframed,  serving trays! be it for your evening coffee/tea, or dinner and drinks with friends, this serving tray will add to the beauty!

All_Foldable box

Foldable Box | ₹250

Pack and organize your room with love and good cheer in these handmade Foldable Boxes.


Felt Frames | ₹250

Enhance your room décor with our felt photo frame by Aftertaste artisans. Handcrafted for a touch of elegance, it not only displays memories beautifully but also supports dignified livelihoods. Make a stylish statement while contributing to ethical craftsmanship. Choose more than a frame; choose a connection to art and sustainable living.