It is Springtime and we are celebrating it with the launch of our spring collection.

Earbuds Cover | ₹150

These crochet covers can hold your ear buds or even act as a camphor holder, to be hung from the car. These are washable and easy to maintain.

Dreamcatcher - Mixture_Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher | ₹150

Aftertaste artisans’ hands intricately weave dreams, Each thread a whisper of hope, each bead a story untold, Handmade dreamcatcher, a timeless symbol of artistry and magic.

SetofFoldable box

Foldable Box | ₹250

Pack and gift all of your Occasion goodies with love and good cheer in these handmade Foldable Boxes with lid.


Floral Frame  | ₹300

Enhance your décor with our waste fabric photo frame by Aftertaste artisans. Handcrafted for a touch of elegance, it not only displays memories beautifully but also supports dignified livelihoods. Make a stylish statement while contributing to ethical craftsmanship. Choose more than a frame; choose a connection to art and sustainable living.


Journals | ₹150

Introducing hardbound cloth journals, handcrafted meticulously by sifting and sorting tonnes of fabric scrap which would have otherwise gone to the landfill. Available in an assortment of prints and colours, it is a perfect addition to your sustainable collection of stationery !

Limited Prints are Available! Hurry!


Tote Bag | ₹450

Want a bag for quick grocery run, or to head out for an evening stroll or a casual outing with friends? our handmade cloth bags, in their endearing colours and designs are the right pick for you!


Premium Tote Bag | ₹750

Paint the town red with this ravishing tote which can be add a touch of glamour coupled with an earthy look.

Crafting Connections: Unique Corporate Gifts from Aftertaste

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Corporate gifting is an opportunity to express appreciation, strengthen relationships, and leave a lasting impression on clients, partners, and employees. At Aftertaste, we believe that unique, handcrafted gifts not only convey thoughtfulness but also reflect your company’s values. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of 10 exceptional handcrafted products that are perfect for corporate gifting. Let’s explore why these gifts stand out and why they are ideal for making a memorable impact in the corporate world.

Hand painted Journals | ₹300

Hand painted journals offer a blend of creativity and functionality, making them an excellent choice for corporate gifting. With meticulous designs and high-quality craftsmanship, these journals showcase attention to detail and innovation, reflecting positively on your company’s commitment to  excellence.

Cloth Journals | ₹200

Cloth journals exude elegance and sustainability, making them a unique and environmentally conscious corporate gift. Handcrafted with care and featuring intricate designs, these journals emphasize your company’s dedication to sustainability and ethical practices.


Pen Stand | ₹200

A handcrafted pen stand adds a touch of sophistication to any desk, making it a thoughtful and practical corporate gift. With its stylish design and organizational utility, a pen stand  demonstrates your company’s attention to detail and 
commitment to enhancing workspace aesthetics.

Handstitched Folders - 1

Folder | ₹300

An upcycled cloth folder is both practical and eco-friendly, making it an ideal corporate gift choice. Perfect for organizing documents and notes, a handmade folder showcases your company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.


Bookmarks | ₹300

Printed bookmarks are not only functional but also a charming addition to any reading material. As a corporate gift, bookmarks symbolize encouragement for personal development and growth,  aligning with your company’s values of continuous learning and progress.


Hand painted Planter | ₹300

A macramé planter brings a touch of greenery and tranquillity to any workspace, making it a unique and refreshing corporate gift. By promoting a sense of well-being and environmental consciousness, a handmade planter reinforces your company’s dedication
to employee welfare and sustainability initiatives.

  Magnetic photoframe

Hand painted Magnetic Frames | ₹200

Hand painted magnetic frames capture cherished memories and add a personal touch to any office space, making them an excellent corporate gift choice. By celebrating moments of joy and connection, a magnetic frame reflects your company’s emphasis on fostering meaningful relationships and appreciation. 

Applique Bag tote bag

Hand painted Tote Bags | ₹400

A handmade cloth tote bag combines practicality with style, making it a versatile and memorable corporate gift. With its customizable designs and durable construction, a tote bag serves as a constant reminder of your company’s commitment to quality and innovation. 

GIft bag

Gift Bags | ₹75

Handcrafted gift bags add a personal and elegant touch to any corporate gift package, elevating the overall gifting experience. By paying attention to every detail, a handmade gift bag  demonstrates your company’s dedication to creating meaningful
connections and leaving a lasting impression.

Wine Bag | ₹75

A handcrafted wine bag is a sophisticated and thoughtful corporate gift option, perfect for celebrating achievements and milestones. By combining elegance with practicality, a wine bag showcases your company’s appreciation for excellence and attention to detail.